Unit Assessments

The EMATHS Unit Assessments are aligned with the units presented during the EMATHS workshops; Implementing the Algebra I Units, Implementing the Geometry Units, and Implementing the Algebra II Units. The assessments are also aligned with the units shared during the EMATHS online PD courses. All unit assessments consist of between 27 and 42 multiple-choice items. Each assessment is given online and the teacher has the option of randomizing the questions as well as randomizing the answer choices.

As an EMATHS participant you are encouraged to set up a free account and use the assessments to pre- and post-assess your students as part of progress monitoring.

To maintain a high level of security, teachers will create their own secure account and enter or import their own student information. The system will assign a random 12-digit code for each assessment taken by a student. The system, as well as administrators, will not be able to identify a specific student. Only the teacher will have access to item-analysis data for their students and classes. Teachers will be able to receive immediate feedback and to track correct and incorrect responses by a particular student or class.

If you wish, you may download individual assessments in PDF format after logging in.   

Assessment Item Generator

After logging in, you may create your own assessments by clicking Custom Assessments in the top navigation bar.